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Railcar division

Through its Railcar division, VTG offers worldwide hire of rail freight cars via its own sales offices and pooling systems. The division also offers services for external wagon fleets, covering business and administrative management, technical support and fleet maintenance.

VTG has a fleet of some 80,000 rail freight cars for hire, comprising around 1,000 different wagon types.

VTG owns the largest private wagon fleet in Europe. Through our sales and customer service points throughout the continent, we can provide you with direct support, advice and technical expertise.


With a 225,000-km railway network, the US is the world's largest rail freight market. VTG has been active in North America since 2008.


Through the acquisition of the Finnish company Railcraft, VTG is now operational in the markets of Russia and the Baltic states, particularly in the transport of oil and petrochemical products.